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February 24th, 2010 by Anthony CW Morgan

Having featured on the New York Times bestsellers list, Laura Day has spent over two decades aiding companies as well as individuals to use their respective power of intuition to create their dreams. Day’s global clientele includes celebrities, scientists, business executives, and other professionals. In fact, those to have publicly praised her skills are known personalities like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Sophia Bush, Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York), Milo Ventimiglia, and Dr. James Watson, Nobel Laureate and co-discoverer of DNA. She has regular speaking engagements in North America and abroad, being featured in many publications, such as Marie Claire, The Independent, Cosmopolitan, People, Newsweek, New York Magazine, and Bottom Line, as well as appearing on CNN, Fox News, The View, Good Morning America, and Oprah. Day has published several self-help guides, specifically; Practical Intuition (September 1996, Villard Books / Random House), Practical Intuition for Success (September 1998, HarperCollins), Practical Intuition in Love (November 1998, HarperCollins), The Circle (September 2001, Tarcher), and Welcome to Your Crisis (January 2007, Little, Brown and Company).

Published in North America via Atria Books during October 2009, How To Rule the World From Your Couch‘s United Kingdom publication date arrived in January 2010. The tome consists of a program of tools and exercises collected in the form of “chapters” designed to accelerate the utilization of intuitive skills. These exercises can be reportedly learnt by any interested individuals, and without much effort. To discuss How To Rule the World From Your Couch, Laura Day was interviewed via email.

How To Rule the World From Your Couch was written “to inspire people to be fully aware, active, dynamic, and in charge – every minute of their lives”. In writing such a book, how did you make sure the words on each page had that power, the power “to inspire people to be fully aware, active, dynamic, and in charge – every minute of their lives”?

How To Rule the World From Your Couch is a set of tools. When readers experience them, they shock themselves at their own power. It is not an inspirational book so much as a users manual for your brain. I really try to keep myself out of the training as much as possible. There are too many “inspirational” books that motivate people without giving them the tools to create what they want and need.

For those unfamiliar, could you explain what you mean when you refer to “intuition”, and what potential effects gaining said “intuition” can have on our lives?

Intuition is an umbrella that covers many skills. What these skills have in common is the ability to send and receive information that the normal use of our senses and actions would not be able to do. So much of science is proving that we live in an interconnected field of energy and information that does not follow linear time. So, for example, if you want to know what the stock market is going to do on February 26th 2010 you can look at the history, you can ask experts or you can use intuition, create a target or question, and allow your attention to give you information. When you document this information you will find that you are very accurate, never perfect (anyone who tells you they are, run away from), but far, far better than chance or “experts” and heaven knows better than basing the future on the past.

You can also send information. One of the things I teach people to do both in “couch” and in workshops is to reprogram the messages they are sending to the “field” so that they get the desired response, in business, love and life. These are really simple skills but they need to be focused with some discipline to be useful, just like everything else.

You also teach on the power of “intuition” through workshops. For you personally, how does teaching people face to face differ to teaching people through your books?

I am able to use my intuition to guide, inform and correct one on one in a workshop. I am also able to push people past their beliefs and blind spots. They of course, push right back so I learn so much for myself in my own workshops. I also always train people with the hope that they go on to train others. An intuitively driven world, company, community, family is one that works. This is the world I want to leave my son.

You said that “you don’t have to be full of “get up and go” to have success”. With that in mind, where lack of drive and motivation is a barrier, how do you go about achieving success? Aren’t drive and motivation important, or are they not as important as society makes out?

Both drive and motivation are, what I call, non words. What is drive? What is motivation? It really means something different to everyone. A high energy person wants to use their intuition in the world to go out and, knuckle to knuckle create success. An introvert, like myself, protects their space and pace first and foremost. I bring the world, selectively, to me. We all want different things and have different skills and ways to create them happily, comfortably. There is not a cookie cutter successful person. I love intuition because of this. It will find your path and your motor and you will create your life, your way. I do a lot of press, most of it from my couch. I have a photo shoot tomorrow where everyone, even the other people in the article, are coming to my apartment to do it. I serve food, have company, do my thing but the job gets done, my way and.. it ends up working for everyone. Now discipline is important. We have patterns and it does take discipline to create better, more functional ones. However, when discipline brings pleasure and results it is not so hard.

Each chapter contains exercises which will help people accelerate the utilization of their “intuitive skills”. For the average person, or even the quite busier person with little time to themselves due to hefty work and family commitments, how difficult are these exercises to implement?

The exercises are meant to be done “on the job” and to make “the job” successful in a way that would have taken a lot of hard work pre-couch. If I had to sit and learn something for fifteen minutes a day I would have to give up personal hygiene. I write books, run a family, am part of a huge group of students with whom I communicate, one on one, personally through email, I have siblings, a father who has discovered how to Skype (“Is that lipstick you’re wearing? “Dad.. I’m fifty!”) and so many other things that I don’t want to give up. Shaving my legs would have to go. Couch will make everything, from business, to family, easier. It is a learn as you do kind of book.

The book also talks about “using healing to resolve conflict in relationships”. In resolving conflict in relationships, how much power and control do we actually have to do that? Can’t some partners be simply uncooperative, and not see eye to eye with their loved one?

Absolutely. Part of intuition is learning when and how to cut bait and run or find a compromise that works for all. Intuition helps you make good choices in a way that you grow instead of being injured. There is no greater injury than what happens in a bad relationship and if all of your energy is going to heal another person, someone who likes being where they are, it is not useful for anyone. However, barring this extreme, intuition allows you to “walk in another person’s moccasins” and you often can find a win / win solution.

And as well, the book talks about using “remote viewing”. Could you explain what “remote viewing” is for those who don’t know, and what benefits using “remote viewing” can yield?

Remote viewing is the ability to physically perceive another location and what is going on there. You can also play with it in time. View in the future or in the past. There are so many uses for this it would be impossible to cover them all but, for example, you can “view” a product in a market in the future or check out a sense that someone is in a bad situation with real detail or evaluate a piece of physical property, like a home, and find the bugs. It allows you to perceive not only your target but the environment it is in. Most of the skills in Couch you will combine, organically, to get the most accurate, detailed, and actionable information on a question.

Your global clientele include celebrities, scientists, business executives, and other professionals. In helping these individuals achieve their goals, does your approach and eventual advice differ from person to person according to their professional and personal circumstances?

Intuition responds to the needs of the client. The approach however, is more or less the same. What is wrong, what do they need to right it, who / what is helping / obstructing, is what they are doing now, creating a strong future for them or taking them in the wrong direction and so on.

Given the global economical climate in 2010, many have either suffered redundancy or are facing redundancy. Can skills like “mediumship” and “healing” actually combat this effectively? What about the book will significantly help those suffering from financial hardship?

I send copies to libraries every month because How To Rule the World From Your Couch and The Circle really help people focus on what is possible, which is usually pretty incredible and take the energy away from what is not possible. I think that both positive and negative thinking are risky. If a bullet is coming your way, pretending it is not doesn’t keep it from hitting you.. however, focusing on the problems fills your awareness so that solutions don’t have space. It is important to be realistic and keep moving forward in an intuitive, constructive way. Intuition shows you how powerful you are, you alone, as an individual, and how much information and help you have access to. This empowers you to open your eyes to the bullet, get out of the way and move on to something better. I love my Twitter / Facebook / email groups because I see people at rock bottom who quickly ( I did not say easily) build dreams they couldn’t have even imagined before hitting bottom.

The global climate has always been bad for someone. I feel that it is important to be aware that these are hard times for some but many have only known hard times. Human beings are full of invention. When you use intuition you automatically work as a community and a million organized people can build a bridge in a day.

And of course, such hardship causes some to turn to addictions, whether it be food, alcohol, drugs, tobacco or whatever. Some people have much less confidence than others and are more prone to addictions. How do you ensure your suggested exercises in the book are effective for both the stronger willed and those who are more prone, so that they can overcome or even avoid such addictions?

Will and confidence is a plus and a minus. Will is what keeps some tolerating terrible limitations for their entire life. Intuition proves to you that you are connected to an entire field of power, opportunity, support and community. This is a real experience, not a “belief”. It is hard to stay sick when there are so many opportunities for pleasure in having a healthy life. Intuition does not allow you to ignore your areas of vulnerability but it also gives you the support, information and strength to experience and be something better in the moment. Also, I do not believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Addictions are often real efforts to self medicate. Sometimes intuition will lead you to the right group, doctor, program or drug to help your body and brain do what it needs to do. The answer is always rich and complex and no one thing is ever “the answer”.

Though you’ve experienced success advising others, is it sometimes difficult to use your own advice in your everyday life?

My kid, as kids do, when I am beating myself up or acting other than in my best interest says “go read your own book”. I am as neurotic as the next person and I have my blind spots. I do however know where to find my solutions. That does not guarantee that I always follow them. I developed intuition because of trauma and I work with my Achilles heel (s) every day. However, intuition does allow me always to land on my feet.

I had a student this summer, when I was in Italy, scan me a few chapters of my own book because she was sick of my being stuck. Within days I was back on track. I am fortunate to live in a community of intuitives. I try to create this kind of community among my readers and students. Sometimes it takes someone else’s intuition, or boot in the seat of your pants, to get you on track, myself included.

Having spent over two decades helping others use their own “intuition”, how would you like to build upon that over the next decade or two? Also, what future books do you have in the pipeline?

I am training people to take over my work, my clients and so on. I really want to devote myself to teaching. I am trying not to pressure my seventeen year old for grandchildren….. he is off to college in the fall so I may have to get off my couch for his sanity and mine.

I love my life (most days) and working with people. I think my next book is going to continue training people to be teachers and leaders. Because it is so easy for me to see into other peoples lives I have trouble writing fiction.. I think I am almost devoid of imagination, so a little memoir / fiction may be a hobby.

For more information about Laura Day, visit her official website.

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